Wedding Cake Pops



Wedding cake pops are easier than you think! Well…the bride cake pops are easier!
Once you dip the cake ball in white, gently sprinkle with nonpareils (or any other pretty sprinkle!) and set cake ball down on waxed paper.  Using a flower mold, make candy flowers in whatever color the bride wants.  Put them in the refrigerator to set.  Once set, put a small dot of candy coating on the flower and hold on the cake pop until set.
The grooms are a little tougher, so be patient.  Dip the cake ball in white and set cake ball side down to set.  Once set, gently dip the cake pop on the diagonal in black or chocolate candy coating.
All you need is a toothpick to make the bow tie and buttons.  Gently put 3 dots for the buttons.  You’ll have to practice for the bow tie, but it’s basically 2 triangles together. 


Happy poppin!!

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Valentine’s Day Cake Pops!


Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it.  It’s a great time to go through you kitchen and see what you’ve got!  Valentine’s Day cake pops are so easy and you can use so many things you already have in your kitchen.

Valentine's Day Sprinkles

Valentine’s Day Sprinkles

One thing you may want to consider buying are miniature cookie cutters.  They are perfect for shaping cake pops!  I use the Wilton miniature heart cookie cutter for many Valentine’s Day cake pops.IMG_20150103_150842164_HDR

Once you’ve shaped your cake pop dough into hearts, allow them to chill in the refrigerator for a couple of hours.  Use red, pink and chocolate candy coating to make a variety of fun cake pops.

Maggie’s Cake Pops has their Heart Shape Variety Pack on sale now at

Heart Shape Variety Pack from Maggie's Cake Pops

Heart Shape Variety Pack from Maggie’s Cake Pops

Happy Popping!

Winter Cake Pops


Don’t forget your blue sprinkles, candy coating and candies! Blue is a wonderful color for winter wonderland cake pops. You can do snowflakes with white nonpareils on a blue background, snowmen with ear muffs made out of M&M’s, and of course use your blue to make a hat for your snowman! It’s a winter wonderland here at Maggies Cake Pops!


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Holiday swirled cake pops!



It’s been awhile since we’ve posted! We’ve been swamped here at Maggie’s Cake Pops with holiday cake pop orders! I just wanted to take this time to remind you… Don’t throw out that leftover candy coating! You can make beautiful swirled cake pops when you have candy coating that isn’t enough to coat one cake pop. Just take your melted candy coating by the table spoonful and pour it into your other melted candy coating.   Use a toothpick to gently swirl, just a little bit, you don’t want to mix it all together. Gently swirl your cake pop. You won’t be able to tap it, so make sure your candy coating isn’t too thin.  Use a toothpick to cover any bare spots.  You can use this trick all year long!
Happy Holidays & Happy Popping!

Spider-Man Cake Pop Tutorial

Spider-Man Cake Pop Tutorial

Spiderman cake pops can be daunting, but keep practicing and you’ll be whipping these superheroes out in no time.

1.  Shape your cake pop dough into an oval, like a head.

2.  Dip the cake pop in red candy coating and let dry.

november phone 068

With melted black candy coating in a squeeze bottle, draw a horizontal line from the top to the bottom of the cake pop

november phone 067

Next, draw two black lines to make an “X” on the cake pop.

november phone 066

Draw lines around the cake pop in a web-like circle.

november phone 064

Draw a second set of lines around the cake pop in a web-like circle and let dry.

november phone 073

With white candy coating, draw half circles for eyes and let dry. You’ve made your own Spidey cake pops!

Spooky Halloween Cake Pops!


spooky halloween

At Maggie’s Cake Pops, we got a lot more request this year for spooky and gross Halloween cake pops than ever before.  All you need to make great Halloween cake pops is orange, white and black candy coating and small pieces of pretzels or sour straws.  If you can find these candy knives, snatch them up!  They are great for Halloween!

Molds for Cake Pop Add-Ons


You can find great molds for making cake pop add-ons.  They are all over and in stores such as Michael’s and A.C. Moore.  They don’t cost much and you will definitely get your money’s worth!  I bought a mold for small bows for these gender reveal cake pops.  I would recommend using a squirt bottle to get the candy coating in the mold.  I tried it with a small spoon and it made a mess.  I melted pink candy coating and added in some shortening to thin it out.  Then I put it in the squirt bottle and squirted it into the mold.  Once filled, tap the mold on the counter 2-3 times to get the air out.  Pop the mold in the refrigerator for an hour or so.  Gently pop the item out.  You can store add-on’s in a tupperware container for up to 2 weeks.  Happy Popping!


Paintbrush Cake Pops!


These cake pops are easier than they look! I bought the popsicle sticks at a craft store for $2.00. Shape your cake pop balls like paintbrush bristles with the top slanted. After dipping them and tapping off the excess, let them dry.
Once dry, use melted candy coating in red, yellow, orange, blue, whatever you like, and drizzle it over the top. Use a toothpick to move it around to look like drips. Once dry, take a toothpick and draw the lines in the chocolate to resemble the bristles.
Perfect for a painting party or any arts and crafts event!

Baby Feet Cake Pops!


A new trend we’ve seen here at Maggie’s Cake Pops is gender reveal parties.  For this party, the sister of the parents-to-be knew the sex of the baby (a boy!) and she ordered the cake pops in blue.  They were delivered with the box taped shut and the parents to be opened it at the party.  What fun!  We’ve also done cake pops with pink or blue cake on the inside and everyone at the party found out when they bit into our delicious cake pops!  These are also great for baby showers!

The baby feet were piped on with vanilla melted candy coating in a squeeze bottle.  You can do the baby feet…it just takes practice, so make sure you have a bunch of cake pops to practice on!

Baby feet cake pops

Salted Caramel Cake Pops!


Sea Salt Caramel

Then next time you are out in the stores, check the baking aisles for specialty cake mixes!  Now’s the time to get your caramel apple, key lime, orange dreamsicle and pink lemonade cake mixes.  Boxed cake mixes make delicious cake pops because they make it easier to get your portions right.  We tried the caramel apple cake mix.  We mixed it with a vanilla buttercream (only about 1/3 a cup).  Next we dipped it in a salted caramel candy coating. 

Save a little of your caramel coating and drizzle it across the top.  We tried difference candy coatings (as you can see in the pictures) and the customer favorite was the white non-pareils.  The salted caramel coating tastes so good, you’ll want to eat it on everything!