The Yellow Chick!

The Yellow Chick!

It’s that time of year, poppers! Time to learn how to make the little yellow chick cake pop. This is our most popular cake pop and never fails to get the “aww, that’s so cute!”.
Start with your cake ball dipped in yellow and let it dry. Once dry, add yellow rainbow chips (sold in tall containers with various colors) on the side for wings. Add one orange rainbow chip for the beak and two flower sprinkles for the feet. Lastly, I used a brown candy writer for the eyes. Remember what I always say…look around your kitchen and see what you can use that you already have. I’ve used other types of sprinkles for the feet, a black candy writer for the eyes and an orange candy writer for the nose. Chirp! Chirp! Get popping!

Angry Bird Cake Pops!

Angry Bird Cake Pops!

A customer ordered only the black and blue angry bird cake pops. To make these two, you’ll need blue and black candy coating, Jelly Belly jelly beans, chocolate and red sprinkles, orange candy triangles, candy eyes and a red candy writer.
First, press the jelly bean into the cake ball, dip it in melted candy coating and put it back in the cake ball. You’ll need these for the blue angry bird. Once you’ve dipped in blue, tap off the extra candy coating. Attach two eyes. Use the red candy writer for under the eyes. Lastly, attach the orange triangles.
For the black bird, after you’ve dipped in black, attach one (long) chocolate sprinkle to the top of the head. Once dry, attach two eyes and one orange candy triangle. Lastly, take two of the longest red sprinkles and attach for eyebrows. All done!  Happy Popping!

Puppy Dog Cake Pops!

Puppy Dog Cake Pops!

These cutie cake “pups” were made using the Wilton animal sprinkle set. ( You’ll need a black candy writer, in addition to the sprinkle set.
After dipping your cake ball in blue, let them dry. Using a toothpick, dot your melted blue on the sides of the head for the ears and two dots on the face for the muzzle. Attach the ears and “muzzle”.  After they’ve dried, dot your black candy writer on to give your puppy its eyes, freckles, nose and mouth.
It’s as easy as that!
Happy Popping!

Pink Owl Cake Pops!

Pink Owl Cake Pops!

These googly-eyed pink owl cake pops are a supersweet touch for an owl-themed party!
For these cake pops, you’ll need pink sugar, candy circles from a candy necklace, flower sprinkles, heart sprinkles, orange rainbow chips and a black candy writer.
Shape your cake into an owl shape. Dip into pink candy coating and let dry. Using a toothpick or candy paintbrush, paint pink candy coating on the side of your cake pop for the wings. Dot candy coating on the bottom and attach the orange wildflower sprinkls for feet. Dot candy coating on one of the ears and attach hearts with the points toward each other for a bow. After attaching two circles for eyes, dot right in between and add an orange rainbow chip for the nose. Lastly, use your candy writer to add the eyes. Remember, you can use what you already have and it will look great!

Reindeer Cake Pops!

Reindeer Cake Pops

I saw a cupcake kit with antlers, black jelly bean noses and candy eyes and thought it would make a perfect cake pop. Be on the lookout for cupcake kits that have everything you need to make great cake pops. I found this one at A.C. Moore. Once you dip in the chocolate, put the antlers in and hold them for a few seconds to make sure they will stand up. Once dry, dot chocolate and attach the black jelly bean “nose”. The eyes ended up being too big (I’ll save them for some other cake pops), so I used white confetti sprinkles and dotted the black with a black candy writer. Let me know how yours turn out!

Christmas Wreath Cake Pops!

Christmas Wreath Cake Pops!

These wreath cake pops will bring a smile to anyone’s face! Start with a cake ball that has been flattened just a little bit. Dip in dark green candy coating and sprinkle with any holiday sprinkles. We used holly berry sprinkles from A.C. Moore. You have a few options for bows. I found these in a reindeer cupcake kit at A.C. Moore. I have also used red licorice string. Once the bow is attached using your green candy coating, use your white candy writer to pipe a small white circle in the middle. You can also use a white chocolate chip or a white confetti circle.

Cake Pops Perfect for a Teen Beach Movie Party!

Cake Pops Perfect for a Teen Beach Movie Party!

Perhaps you know a fan of the new film, “Teen Beach Movie”? Well, these beach ball cake pops are perfect for a Teen Beach Movie Party. They take a little bit of extra care (and a thin paintbrush), but they are super fun!
After dipping your cake pop in white candy coating, let dry, making sure you still have some candy coating left over. Using a thin food paintbrush (from the craft store), paint white candy coating in a rounded half circle to match the shape on a beach ball. While the coating is wet, sprinkle red sugar and tap off excess into a bowl. Paint the 2nd shape and sprinkle blue. Paint the 3rd shape and sprinkle yellow. I would recommend using separate bowls so you can just funnel the extra sugar back into the bottle. You can also customize the colors on your beach ball. Have fun!

Fall Cake Pops!

Cornucopias, acorns and leaves, oh my!
Shape your cake balls into cornucopias, acorns and use a miniature leaf cookie cutter for the leaf cake pops. Dip all in chocolate and let dry. For the cornucopias, dot a fair amount chocolate on the end and put on runts candies. For acorns, dip the top in chocolate about 1/3 of the way down and put crushed butterscotch chips on top of the coating. You can also use crushed pretzels or miniature chocolate chips. Use your orange candy writer to draw the veins on the leaves. You can also use yellow or red. There you have a wonderful array of fall cake pops. Stay tuned for Turkey Cake Pops next!

Happy Veteran’s Day – Cake Pops for Military Occasions!

Happy Veteran's Day - Cake Pops for Military Occasions!

Red, white and blue cake pops aren’t just for the 4th of July. This beautiful basket of cake pops was designed for a customer whose daughter is returning from Afghanistan. Red, white and blue cake pops are a perfect way to honor those who have served their country and made us proud. You can have so much fun making red, white and blue cake pops! For the red velvet cake, I used red candy coating with red sugar all over. For the devil’s food cake pops, I used chocolate candy coating and blue sprinkles. And for the funfetti cake pops, I used marshmallow candy coating and red/white/blue jimmies. You can still find baskets in red, white and blue at the craft store or the dollar store. Add some shredded paper and tie it with a bow and you’ve got a perfect thank you gift for Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day or July 4th!

Jack O’ Lantern cake pops!

Jack O' Lantern cake pops!

It wouldn’t be Halloween without Jack O’ Lantern cake pops! I put three different stems on them so you can see your options. The first is a green tic tac, the second is a pretzel piece with a green star “leaf”. The third is just the green star leaf. I’ve had the most success with the pretzel piece. I’ll give you a tip: put the “stem” on after you have dipped the cake ball in orange and it has dried. Then, dot a little candy coating on and put the pretzel on. This keeps the candy coating from cracking. And, of course, use your black candy writer for the face.
Happy Halloween! —